Get a Moisture Test Your Home BEFORE you cover up

I Strongly Recommend a moisture inspection FIRST and BEFORE cover up or restoration begins!

After Hurricane Harvey, It is absolutely critical you have moisture levels checked in your recently flooded home!

We are offering special pricing for a Home moisture check typical fees (For average 2000 SF house $195 ONLY structural flood affected areas NO systems like electric or appliances. If we detect excessive moisture pay us $125 down. Then upon a second trip required to recheck levels, pay only $75 ). Digital report with photos and findings usually within 24 hours.

Remember Get and Keep Wood moisture levels to 15 - 17%

Wood Damage begins at 20%

Wood strength loss at 20-28%

Wood rot occurs above 28%

While specifically conducting a mold inspection is outside the standards of practice for a home inspector, I will examine the property for any signs of moisture or moisture intrusion issues. Any mold issues (observed or potential) will be discussed and clearly stated in the inspection report. We have partners who can provide your mold inspection needs.   Typical fees Houston area start at $495 for 2000 SF house.


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